Groundbreaking SIDS Discovery & Sudden Unexpected Deaths 2024

Diaphragm Cramp-like Contracture (DCC) as a SIDS Mechanism

Diaphragm cramp-like contracture, or DCC, is our name for our pediatric patient’s concerning nighttime symptoms: a painful bearhug with gasping and complete inability to inhale. We are proposing that sudden respiratory arrest (apnea) by diaphragm failure is responsible – a valid SIDS mechanism. It is supported extensively by the scientific literature. [An in-depth literature review was done by the primary author, Dr. Darryl (Dov) Jordan Gebien MD, MSc.]

So why is this nighttime child killer unknown to medicine? DCC is:

  • Silent, as the victim is unable to breathe in and cry for help.
  • Rapid, unpredictable and comes on suddenly, making it difficult to observe.
  • Masquerades as a seizure, choking or cardiac arrest.
  • Sudden respiratory arrest is difficult to recognize, even by a medical professional.
  • Apnea monitors (those at home, and even in hospital) can actually miss respiratory arrests. Most monitor respiratory movements as opposed to true apnea.
  • Home SIDS monitors miss the crucial event (respiratory arrest) and alarm much later, giving less time before cardiac arrest ensues.
  • Nearly invisible, as the diaphragm is an internal organ.
  • Few signs remain at autopsy. However, contraction band necrosis has been documented in systematic diaphragm histological studies.
  • Autopsies do not routinely assess the diaphragm in sudden unexpected deaths, including SIDS, SUDC (sudden unexplained deaths in childhood) and SCD (sudden cardiac deaths in adults).
  • Inexplicably and despite compelling evidence, modern medicine has cast a blind eye to the diaphragm as being responsible for serious disease.

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